Knox Board recognized for dedication

In honor of January being School Board Recognition month, Knox County Public Schools took time during the January 29 board meeting to recognize the efforts of the board during what Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles noted are some of the most trying times.

“This group is serving in one of probably the most critical times in K-12 education. We are faced with constant issues dealing with budgets, finances and things like that. I appreciate and truly believe that you guys are doing what’s best for our children and that is a great task. With trying times, we appreciate the work you do,” said Sprinkles.

Each board member received a plaque as a token of the school’s appreciation.

“If you were to ask these five individuals when they signed up for school board what it would feel like, I guarantee you they weren’t expecting anything like they received,” said Frank Shelton, director of communications and governance. “Why do they do it? It’s those moments, those graduations, those recognitions and being able to say programs and services that we’ve approved and made possible have really changed the lives of so many children here in Knox County.”