Knox Central and Lynn Camp Players Named to All District Volleyball Team

Special to the Mountain Advocate

KCHS and Lynn Camp’s 2014 Volleyball seasons have come to an end and awards, titles, and championships have been handed out. While neither club won their district title, several players were elected to the All-District Volleyball Team.

KCHS Junior Sadie Harris, Lynn Camp Sophomore Brooklyn Bryant, and fellow Lynn Camp Seniors; Breanna Hollin and Destiny Hill were all elected to the All-District Volleyball Team, and brought honor to their respective schools. Throughout the season and district play, these four players continually willed there teams to victory and provided mental toughness and an upbeat perspective in heartbreaking defeats.

While Lynn Camp will be losing two of their All-District players to graduation, Knox Central and Lynn Camp will each have one All-District player returning that will continue to lead and shape their teams into the championship material that they are striving for.