Knox Central honors first responders

Knox Central High School recently held a special ceremony for first responders in the area.

Students invited first responders to lunch at the school’s cafeteria and wrote them thank-you letters. Representatives from the Barbourville Police Department, Knox County Sheriff’s Office, East Knox Volunteer Fire Department, and Barbourville Volunteer Fire Department, as well as a police officer from Clinton County, Tenn., attended the event.

“We are recognizing our first responders because we are grateful for their service, their protection, and their willingness to go into danger,” said Principal Jeff Frost. “When so many of us are going the other direction, they go immediately wherever the danger may be. This is our first ever ‘Thankful Thursday’ and we hope there are more to come. We need to be reminded and this is a great reminder, that we have a lot in life to be thankful for. It may be a teacher, it may be your parents, it may be a pastor, it may be our first responders, there are a lot of people that do a lot of work to help us be successful. And when I say ‘us’, I’m talking about me too. I’m talking about every one of us, we have a lot of people that help to make us successful and we have a lot of people that we need to thank.”