Knox, Corbin schools enter into 2-year reciprocal agreement

By Bobbie Poynter


Knox County School District has entered into a two-year reciprocal agreement with neighboring school districts, including Barbourville Independent and Corbin Independent, Bell County Clay County, Laurel County, Middlesboro Independent, Pineville Independent, Whitley County and Williamsburg Independent.

By agreeing to the same terms as last year, this will give all school districts involved two years to begin discussions and working on plans for the future,” said Knox Schools Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles. “We understand that all districts, ourselves included, are experiencing budget issues – so from the financial standpoint, this will not be an immediate reduction for anyone. There are other factors, such as current enrollment, class sizes and building capacity that school districts must also consider when working on reciprocal numbers.

The agreement states that a maximum number of 405 students can live within the Knox County district and attend Corbin Independent, and a maximum of 370 students can attend Barbourville Independent. This also works the same for students living in the Barbourville and Corbin school districts who attend Knox County schools.

“The teachers in our district are giving it their all to make Knox County the best district in the area, and we hope that those improvements will make Knox a more desirable school district for students and parents,” said Sprinkles. “It is our goal that, over time, less and less students will be looking at other districts and more will be eager to come to Knox.”