Knox Relay For Life receives face lift

Changes are in store for Knox County’s 2018 Relay For Life event.

Rather than offer a twelve-hour, all-day event as has been the case in the past, on April 27, 2018, teams will participate in a five-hour block party on Court Square.

“We’re excited about introducing a new way that we’re going to be doing Relay For Life in Knox County. I know last year, it was a twelve-hour event on a Saturday. This year, we’re going to do a downtown block party,” said Derick Parnell, community development manager.

The block party will take place on Court Square in downtown Barbourville on April 27, 2018 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. By making this change, Parnell and the team hope to increase participation in the event.

“We’re hoping to get the downtown businesses involved as well,” continued Parnell. “I’m hoping we’ll get a larger crowd for a longer period of time.”

While the location and time might be changing, the normal events are not.

“We’ll still do the ceremony where we’ll honor the survivors and have a luminaria service around the court house. Teams will be able to set up and have booths around the Square, as well,” said Parnell. “We’re excited that it’s going to be something new. I know a lot of times with it being a twelve-hour event, a lot of the Relay teams get wore out. It’s almost like it’s not fun anymore. This will be more of a celebration. We’ll get to do everything that we’ve done at that event but it’s going to be condensed.”

The theme for the event this year is ‘Colors of Hope.’ Each team is encouraged to set up their tents based on the color of a cancer ribbon.

The event may be months off, but teams can begin registering and fundraising now.

“Teams can register now. The website’s up and running. They can start fundraising now so it doesn’t have to be closer to time,” said Parnell.

For more information on this event and to register your team, visit