Knox spring break canceled

With more snow in the forecast for later this week and on-going travel concerns from the last winter storm, members of the Knox County Board of Education voted Tuesday night to remove spring break and a flexible day from the academic calendar.
Students in the Knox County system will now be in the classroom on March 20 and April 6 to 10 according to Frank Shelton, spokesman for the school district.

“As of the end of this week, Knox County has missed 20 days and we continue to look ahead with anxiety as to what weather spring will bring,” stated Shelton.

 “We understand that families enjoy spring break but we really have no other choice but to remove it from our calendar for this year after a very hectic winter.”

  The new calendar released by the Board reflects changing those dates to instructional days, making the tentative last day for students June 10 pending any additional cancellations.

 “We realize that the later in June you get, the less engaged students are,” said Shelton.  “Students like routines and content knowledge builds from lesson to lesson.  Taking another week off this spring that is not necessary would severely impact the education of our students.”
Shelton explained that as of Wednesday no information had been received from Frankfort on whether or not emergency, or calamity days, will be granted to school districts.   The winter storm last week closed most of Kentucky’s 173 districts.   The Kentucky Legislature will be in session through mid-March.