Letter to the Editor: Emergency Management thanked for going above and beyond

I would like to take this time to publically thank the Emergency Management Director Mike Mitchell for going over and above the call of duty during our recent snowstorm.

Mr. Mitchell brought our patients to and from Corbin Dialysis without hesitation. He was very dependable, and the patients were so thankful for his willingness to help.

Knowing you can count oo your Emergency Management Team is of the utmost importance for Dialysis patients and staff. Dialysis is a lifeline for over 80 patients in the Tri-County Area. These patients depend on the dialysis staff and the local resources in time of need.

The Knox County Emergency Management is to be commended for a job well done. Thank you so much from all the patients of Knox County and your local dialysis staff.

Tammy Sams Gilbert BSN, RN

Corbin, Kentucky