Letter to the Editor: Fear is dispelled through education

Fear is the most common reaction during a crisis, but what is the most helpful? This was not philosophical, but practical for me last week. As a student at Knox Central during the recent threats, I was shocked, but not scared. Friday, news of threats spread. On Monday, I felt confident that teachers and staff were doing everything feasible to ensure our safety.

Education is the process by which fear of the unknown is dispelled, fear being the basis of hatred behind threats. These threats made me thankful for teachers within public education. They also made me think about responsibility and responses to the recent events.

The “golden rule” is one of the first concepts taught to children. We must remember that some students do not have the necessary support network and behave accordingly. Supporting teachers can impact the lives of these students.

As a student, having my voice validated is empowering. Many parents comment about keeping their students home until it seems safe to them, but if students feel safe why not believe their firsthand experience?

As a community of consumers and contributors to social media, we must think after we read and before we speak. Reason and fact must prevail over judgment and threats. It appears that no one was harmed and the threats were unsubstantiated.  

When standing on the field, I noticed many joking students. Students trust teachers and staff; we did not panic. The negative comments I have seen have been mostly by parents. To see this firsthand, scroll through articles or official press releases. When reflecting upon what you read and hear, take a moment to be thankful and understand. Consider what you do and what you can do to support growth and education.

Help educate others, educate yourself, and be nice!

Amanda Wahlstedt

KCHS student