Letter to the editor: KCEOC featured in Herald Leader

Low-income individuals have the right to speak and fight for themselves. Representation and leadership of funds is essential for the needs of the poor to be met and for change to occur.

In a recent article published by the Herald Leader, KCEOC Community Action Partnership and Barbourville were highlighted. The article, written by Robert Shaffer a retired anti-poverty worker, advocates for low income individuals to have some control of how funds are spent.

Shaffer highlights KCEOC in the article for its assistance in 1970 with the training of low income individuals who helped build the Boone Industrial Plant. It was used by Lawson’s Furniture Company which brought 200 jobs to the area, and achieved $2.5 million in sales. The board was comprised primarily of the poor.

KCEOC has always believed low income individuals deserve representation and leadership in decision making. We continue to belief low-income individuals play a major role in the decision making process. The KCEOC board is represented by 1/3 low income individuals. We know the needs of the community needs are ever changing, and low-income individuals must have leadership to continue the war on poverty.

Read the complete article, “To ensure E. Ky. progress, allow the poor a place in leadership,” at


Kayla Sergent

KCEOC Advancement Specialist