Letter to the Editor: School leadership should live up to a better standard

Dear Editor,

Knox County Leadership should expect to live up to a better standard.

Recently our county school board came under investigation. Dexter Smith, Merrill Smith, and our county superintendent Kelly Sprinkles were found to have violated Kentucky law and board policies.

These two county board members could be removed, but Mr. Sprinkles is allowed to retain his position, How fair is that?

When I was a child I had a developmental delay. I required special education. Sandra Cox, Sherry Smith, the late Bonnie Baker Powell and Bo Roaden taught me.

In 1997 I tested out of special education after six years. I graduated from Girdler Elementary School in 2000, from Knox Central High School in 2004 in the top 25 of my class, and I now enjoy writing poetry.

Mr. Sprinkles calls these teachers itinerant. Perhaps if he has a child with a disability, he would understand.

Lisa Gray