Letter to the Editor: The Battle for Barbourville nears

Two nights ago I was accompanying a parishioner to an MRI at Central Baptist in Lexington. The attendant was hobbling along, so we asked what his difficulty was about. He shared his leg was injured in a car wreck a year ago. He proceeded to tell us he was hit by a drunk driver. The driver was unhurt and now in jail, but he was trying to work and struggling to get over the whole thing. It was hard.

Not that unfamiliar a story to most of us. Details could be appealed to try to bolster one side or the other in the wet/dry debate, but the bottom line was that someone was not thinking or reacting clearly in a life or death situation because they were drinking, and others suffered.

The wet-side are asking that a balanced, moderate, joyful use of alcohol be promoted in our community. They appealed to an article by the late G. Marshall for their arguments. Those arguments have been stated often, but are delusional. Noah was not balanced when his nakedness caused by alcohol divided his family and brought curses from their father; Daniel risked his life and future by not defiling himself with the king’s wine (a case of God blessing a career for choosing dry!!!); God interrupted His time with Moses when He was giving him the 10 Commandments and sent Moses down the mountain to deal with a drunken orgy that resulted in the death of 3,000 men; Belshazzar lost his kingdom in one night after a drunken party; Herod killed the “greatest man who ever lived (Jesus’ assessment)” because he slipped up at one of his balanced, moderate, joyful celebrations.

Who are we trying to fool, folks? Our streets, festivals, families are at negative risk with the threat of legalizing alcohol. Vote NO alcohol. Don’t let our good city and county fall into the hands of a few alcohol hungry business people. They can’t be thinking right.

Leonard Lester