Letter to the Editor: Voting ‘Yes’ is crucial

To proactively address most of the criticism that will come from this article: I have two young daughters. I’ve grown up in church and am an outspoken Christian. I do not drink alcohol and I will be, in no way, profiting from a “vote yes” decision.

I have, however, got to see a glimpse of how our crime structure works behind the scenes. I have studied statistics of wet and moist vs. dry areas. I have prayed about the decision to further publicize my opinion.

Our children and grandchildren need this change to keep them safer, to choke the business of bootleggers throughout Knox County who continue to up-sell liquor with drugs to our kids. Our town needs control over alcohol sales instead of letting our criminals make the rules.

In no way, would it be easier for people to get alcohol. They only have to drive a few miles, as it is, to get it. This will only make it harder for under-aged kids to get alcohol and decrease traffic to our drug dealers, significantly. It will keep our community safer, all the while it collects much-needed tax revenue from sales, to improve our schools, parks and attractions.

A study of about 39,000 alcohol-related traffic accidents in Kentucky found that residents of dry counties are more likely to be involved in such crashes, possibly because they have to drive further from their homes to consume alcohol, thus increasing impaired driving exposure. The study concludes that county-level prohibition is not necessarily effective in improving highway safety either.

Our town will keep seeing alcohol sales no matter the result of this vote. The difference being, one is controlled, one is not.

Vote “yes” to put an age limit on alcohol and to regulate it as much as possible. For our kids, for our families.

Jesse Jones,