List of KCHS vandalism suspects grows

The list of suspects in a recent vandalism incident at Knox Central High School continues to grow.

Barbourville Police Det. Steve Owens said Tuesday, “There were several more that came and turned themselves in. My understanding now is that the school now basically wants to handle that internally.”  

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He noted that statements had been taken by police. “We took their statements and are awaiting what the school wants to do.” Owens said that not all of the suspects were juveniles, but that to the best of his knowledge, none of the individuals, other than those originally caught and arrested, have been charged.

“The best way I can say it is that we took the information and identified the individuals and are working with the schools to see what steps they want taken from there,” Owens added.

Police arrested two adults and one juvenile who allegedly vandalized the inside of Knox Central High School early Friday morning.

According to Knox Schools public information director Frank Shelton the three individuals were students in the district, but did not release the names of the adult suspects.  

 Shelton said minor vandalism was found inside the school, adding that the interior was cleaned prior to the arrival of students Friday.

“Most of the damage caused was quickly cleaned up and repaired by the leadership team and custodial staff at the school.   The school was cleaned and ready for class the next morning,” he said.

Shelton said several charges have been made. Internal disciplinary action, including in-school detention and community service, will also be taken, he added.

“Our message to students is that we will not tolerate disruptions to the instructional process.   Senior pranks frequently occur this time of year at schools across the country; and they cause financial loss, additional labor on staff, and interruptions to class because of the talk that it generates,” Shelton said.