Local artists eligible for $3k prize

If you are an artist who could use an extra $3,000, then Corbin wants your help with an upcoming mural.

Downtown Corbin has launched the Underpass Mural Contest, hoping to transform the Roy Kidd Avenue Underpass with a fresh mural and make the area a place people want to be.

“The idea is to beautify downtown Corbin and make it a pleasant place to be,” said Sky Marietta, a member of the contest team. “Research suggests murals reduce graffiti and people tend to have more reverence for the space. It’s in a part of downtown where we are working to revitalize.”

Marietta stated along with giving the underpass a facelift, she and the contest overseers are excited to see the overall local talent.

“The idea of the contest is to have a chance to see some of the great talent from artists in the area. Here’s a chance to see some of the different ideas out there,” continued Marietta.

To enter, artists living in Knox, Laurel and Whitley counties must submit a sketch or painting of their proposed design along with a photo of previously completed mural work. There are two walls that will be painted on the underpass so the artist’s design must take this into consideration.

The winner of the contest will receive $3,000 plus materials needed to complete the mural.

Artists can submit a design proposal, photos of previous projects and contact information to sky.marietta@uky.edu to enter the competition. The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2017.