Local teen turns to farming

The Knox County Farmers’ Market nurtures the love of gardening in all of its vendors. Farmers of all ages are encouraged to bring both traditional and unique crops to the weekly gathering. One Artemus youth is quickly becoming a regular at the market.

Mason Logan, 15, is a sophomore at Barbourville High School. While his classmates may spend their free time playing videogames or scrolling through Facebook, Logan decided to go outside and plant a garden. Logan said his grandfather, Don Taylor, helped him make it possible.

“My papaw is a farmer and likes to grow a lot of stuff,” said Logan, “so we decided to grow cushaw this year. He’s the one that taught me how to do it all.”

Logan, along with his grandfather and his uncle, Doug Taylor, grew two gardens. In one garden, they grew regular vegetables such as tomatoes for the family to enjoy. In the other, they grew nothing but cushaw, a type of squash. Logan said this was his first successful season as a gardener.

“It was pretty fun actually,” said Logan, “because you get to see what comes up, and how it comes to life, and how much you get of it. We were not expecting 70.”

Logan decided to sell his extra gourds at the Knox County Farmers’ Market.

“So far, business has been pretty good,” said Logan. “Last week was really good so we’re hoping to keep it up this week.”

Logan said he plans to return to the market next year.

“We’ll definitely come back next year and we’ll have a lot more stuff, not just cushaw,” said Logan.

The last day for the Knox County Farmers’ Market 2017 season is Thursday, Sept. 28. Be sure to stop by for pumpkins, mums, and fresh veggies.