Local teens march for ‘Net Neutrality’



Local teens braved the snow on Saturday, December 9 to march around Barbourville in support of net neutrality laws.

“Net Neutrality is the set of laws regarding how the internet is distributed,” explained event organizer Kenrick Cox. “Ajit Pai, the current head of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), is trying to remove these laws, this would allow internet service providers to charge for visiting sites such as YouTube or Facebook, or even completely block sites they don’t like by slowing down the connection so much that the site is unusable.”

Cox organized this march to inform the public about net neutrality, laws he states many are unaware of, and to make his voice heard before the upcoming FCC vote on December 14 which will decide the fate of net neutrality.

“I hope to get the attention of any state representatives I can with this march, while also making sure people know what net neutrality is, and that contacting members of Congress will help make their voices heard,” continued Cox.

If net neutrality laws are stripped or changed, Cox fears the internet will become monopolized.

“An overwhelming 70% of Americans don’t want these laws to change…but five of Kentucky’s representatives are for changing these laws, so people need to say something before the day Congress votes for this change,” urged Cox.

Cox also believes the loss of net neutrality laws will stunt the growth of small companies.

“Any job that relies on the internet in any way, whether it uses the internet for publicity, distribution, or methods of payment, will have a potential roadblock to the services they need,” said Cox.

If you would also like to make your voice heard about net neutrality laws, contact U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers’ Washington, D.C. office at 202-225-4601.