Lynn Camp falls to Clay. KCHS, Pineville cut it close

Photos by Jessica Miller Lynn Camp fans and Alumni line the gate entrance as the Wildcats run through them.
Photos by Jessica Miller
Lynn Camp fans and Alumni line the gate entrance as the Wildcats run through them.

Two Knox County high school football games took place at Lynn Camp Friday night. Clay County soared past Lynn Camp 21 to 6 and Knox Central squeaked past Pineville 14 to 13. However, these games were only twenty-minute halves. Had they been full games the outcomes may have turned out quite differently.

The evening kicked off with a matchup between Knox Central and Pineville. With 17:43 left in the first half, Pineville scored the first touchdown of the night and went for the extra point. KC quickly came back and scored a touchdown and kicked for the extra point. Knox Central’s running back, Frankie Robinson, made a 78 yd. run and scored another touchdown for the panthers. Nick Martin scored the two-point conversion, making the score KC: 13, Pineville: 7 at halftime. Pineville was able to score one more touchdown, which made the final score KC: 14, Pineville: 13.

Knox Central’s head coach, Scottie Russell, was proud of the boys and said the game helped prepare them for the rest of their season, “They needed to get a little game time experience against another team and hit people besides themselves.”

As the panthers and the tigers lined up to shake hands, the Lynn Camp wildcats made an exciting entrance. Lynn Camp fans and alumni lined both sides of the gate entrance forming a “catwalk” as the wildcats ran through them and out onto the field.

Clay County scored the first touchdown of the game with 14:37 left in the first half and scored the extra point, making the score Clay County: 7, Lynn Camp: 0. Clay County scored another touchdown at the 6:23 mark, which made the halftime score Clay County: 13, Lynn Camp:0. With sixteen minutes left of the second half Clay County scored their third touchdown and went for the two-point conversion. There were three minutes left in game when Lynn Camp put points on the board. Tracy Fee Jr. scored a touchdown, making the final score Clay County: 21, Lynn Camp: 6.

Lynn Camp gave it their all, but in the end came up short. Head Coach Allan Harris had this to say, “We were missing our starting quarterback tonight and we’ve actually got two guys away at basic training right now.”

The Knox Central panthers face Bryan Station at Madison Central this Saturday at 5:30 p.m. The Lynn Camp Wildcats travel to Perry Central Friday night to kickoff at 7:30 p.m.