Man opens fire on several individuals

Sammy Carnes
Sammy Carnes

A Knox County man is behind bars after opening fire on several individuals Tuesday. Oct. 20.

Sammy Carnes, 54, of Stinking Creek, shot at two individuals who, according to Carnes, were trespassing on his property. Carnes, armed with an AK-47 assault rifle and a shotgun, fired toward the two individuals, who sought shelter at a nearby store.

Several patrons from the store walked outside to investigate the sound, Carnes allegedly shot towards them as well. No injuries were sustained during the ordeal.

Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy Carl Frith was the first to respond to the scene. Deputy Keith Liford and Kentucky State Police quickly followed. Law enforcement were able to make contact with Carnes, who had retreated to his garage. Inside, Deputy Liford found both firearms. Carnes was arrested and charged with first degree wanton endangerment. Carnes was lodged in the Knox County Detention Center.