Many opportunities to stop to smell the roses

Stinking Creek News

“Stop to smell the roses”. There are many kinds and opportunities for roses in this wonderful world we live in. This week was just such an opportunity for me. It was a pair of house wrens who had taken up residents near my back porch.

Earlier in April a nest was built above the doorpost outside my back porch. First I heard the song in the plants around the porch and then I noticed the droppings on my cement stoop just outside the door.

I even put down a piece of plastic to catch the deposits as they struggled to find room for all four of the fledglings and keep their nest clean.

But my real struggle began when I found that a black snake had also sensed the young birds. With my porch door open that seemed to make a good snake ladder up the door post. More than once I discouraged the predator back down and escorted it outside. Finally I just closed the door and although the snake hovered about hoping for another opportunity, the small birds were able to complete their home life and finally fly away. It was a time of rejoicing; they had made it and the snake also disappeared.

Now here it is July and the scolding started again on my back porch alerting me that something important was about to happen again. I looked outside; the nest was empty. I looked inside in the wen house box located on my inside “Knick-knack” beams where they had hatched previously, nothing. Then we discovered a nest tucked up in the corner above the door post but on the inside this time.

The house wren is a small gray brown plain wren with a short tail able to climb up a wall or post much like a brown creeper or wood pecker. They have a shrill song of a series of short notes uttered in rapid bursts that rise and fall sounding very much like scolding. They are commonly found in this area especially near houses from early March to late October with two clutches of young of 4 to 8 white with brown specks eggs.

So here in early July I had the opportunity to spend almost two hours watching my four feathered friends find their wings and learn to use them. Two of them hit the floor pretty hard and lay a bit stunned before they began to look for their way to the light. What an opportunity to observe and even rejoice with them as they finally “found their wings” and fly out into the big world. No, I did not name them “Roses” but I did take the time to appreciate “the roses”.