Memories from Granny’s Attic

Mildred Higgins
Mildred Higgins

I needn’t look around my home to realize I’m surrounded by so many memories. I’ve always had a hard time parting with stuff. My daughter tells me I should get rid of some of it, but I simply don’t want too. The items like my memories are too valuable to me to ever be packed away out of sight.

Low on a curio shelf is a ladies long pair of dress gloves that belonged to my granny Hall, with a collection of delicate hankies granny always seemed to have one in her possession at all times.

I also have dozens of old photos that keep my loved ones close with memories shared each one is a treasure to me.

I feel safe to say that many readers have their own memories of time spent with there grand mothers or special person from their childhoods.

As you read, memories from Granny’s attic I hope it will stir your own memories from your own childhood.

Granny Hall was always dressed in a calico dress and matching bonnet. She was rarely seen without a bib apron to cover her dress. She wore her waist length hair in a tight bun on the back of her head held in place with tortoise shell hairpins with matching side combs. The sweetest memories are spending time with Granny playing dress up from clothes stored in trunks in her attic. I remember occasional visits as special. We always had a tea party with homemade cookies before going to the attic to explore those magical trunks filled with the best stuff.

Granny’s attic was filled with many things from bygone days. Old iron beds, rocking chairs, handmade quilts and material cut into small pieces for future quilting bees.

Of course I fancied granny’s old clothing. She said she worn beautiful stylish dresses when she was younger.

I tried on high-buttoned shoes that were much too large for me with a beautiful long dress and hat that matched… made me felt so grown up as I put the long gloves on to complete my outfit. I could plainly see myself in a full-length mirror that stood in the corner of the attic as close to looking like a princess that I’d be. Even I could plainly see that I needed to grow a lot before Granny’s dresses were to fit the way they should.

I appreciated Granny giving me a glimpse back into time, showing me the things she treasured. As I look back the true treasure is the TIME spent with Granny.

Life events do come full circle. We never know the impact of a simple event in a child’s life.

Remembering those specials times spent in the attic, I think of home on the lane. I think of my brothers and the joy we shared as we wandered through our childhood creating memories that will forever be a part of who we are. I smile remembering the special ones that will remain with me forever.