Miles adds a splash of color to local schools

A local woman is adding color to schools one mural at a time.

Laura Miles remembers painting as soon as she was old enough to hold a brush.

“I stole mom’s Mary Kay makeup brushes and painted a mural on the garage when I was eight. I was so impressed because it looked just like Bob Ross’,” recalls Miles, who has since then turned an early childhood hobby into a means of brightening students’ days.

Over the last couple of years, Miles has worked with schools, prominently through Promise Neighborhood, to paint murals in cafeterias, libraries and bathrooms. Some of the Knox schools that boast Miles’ work include Lynn Camp, Jesse D. Lay and Girdler Elementary schools. Miles said G.R. Hampton will soon receive some new paint, too.

Miles’ favorite part about painting murals for the schools is getting the students involved in them. One of the best examples of this is Girdler’s cafeteria, where Miles has painted a seascape with hidden pictures in it for the students to find.

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