Motive revealed in Bimble gas station fight

New information has been obtained about a fight at the Bimble Shell Station last week.

Knox County Sheriff Mike Smith reports the fight occurred based on events that happened many years ago.

“It was a personal incident between the two that happened over ten years ago. They were carrying a little grudge,” said Sheriff Smith.

The fight took place at approximately 1:30 p.m. when Michael Sampson, 43, walked into the Shell Station at the junction of US 25E and KY 1304 and punched Joey A. Mills, 54. Originally, responding Deputy Keith Liford could not be reached due to training and the motive for the fight was unknown.

Deputy Liford arrested both men. Sampson was charged with fourth degree assault, second degree disorderly conduct, menacing and terroristic threatening. Mills was charged with fourth degree assault. Both men have been released on bail from the detention center.