Mountain Advocate welcomes newest reporter

Emily Baker
Emily Baker

The Barbourville Mountain Advocate would like to welcome Emily Baker to the staff. Baker is originally a Clay County resident, but don’t hold it against her as she has lived in Barbourville for nearly 10 years and knows the Knox County area quite well.

Baker is a 2007 graduate of Clay County High School and a Union College alumnus with a major in mass communications.

“I was in need of stimulation and really wanted to be more involved in the community,” said Baker. “My friends would talk about all the community meetings they’ve been to and the events they’ve attended. They were so proud of what they were accomplishing, and I wanted so badly to be a part of it, but I couldn’t because I had to work.

“The newspaper is exciting. Something different happens every day. It’s so cool to finally feel like I’m contributing to things that happen in this great city.”

“Emily has taken a lot more off my shoulders than even she realizes,” said Editor Bobbie Poynter. “From the day we met, Emily showed a sincere enthusiasm for reporting, but even more so, she has a way with writing a story that is both engaging and interesting.”

With only a week with The Advocate under her belt, Baker has already attended and reported on summits, meetings, she’d performed interviews, interacted with local law enforcement, written news and feature stories, and taken front page photos from across the area.

“My plan for Emily the first week was to simply let her get her feet wet, but by the end of the second day, she was already drowning in news,” said Poynter. “However, Emily took it all in stride and came out fairly unscathed at the end of the week. There’s nothing I’ve asked of her that she hasn’t been able to handle. We’re lucky to have her.”