Museum Corner: A Weekly Advocate Feature

Old Bus on Court SquareWeb

During July and August, the Knox Historical Museum Corner will feature rare unpublished photographs from our county’s past.

This photo, circa 1930’s, shows the Pineville Bus Company which used to come to Barbourville to pick up passengers headed to Middlesboro. The bus driver is standing mid way in the line of people. He appears to be wearing a service hat and has a coin changer hanging on his belt. The man to the left of him could possibly be another bus driver since he, too, is wearing a similar hat. The windows of the bus have curtains which are tied back. Please note the Presbyterian Church’s steeple in the background. The old Golde’s store, now Lillian June’s, is behind the bus on the right with the old Cora’s store on the left. South Main Street is viewed also in the background. In the foreground is the old town well which is covered with boards.