Museum Corner a Weekly Advocate Feature

Continuing through the month of October, the Knox Historical Museum Corner will feature rare unpublished photographs from our county’s past.

This week’s vintage photo features an image circa 1910-1925. In the foreground is a small boy playing with a toy car. Note the child’s clothing and the details on the toy car. The identity of the child is unknown. Hopefully one of our readers can help us identify him.

baby and stable in background0005

The image in the background shows the northeast corner of the Court Square specifically which housed the GW Tye Livery Stable and Bottling Company. The Methodist Mountain Mission was in located in this same area until it moved to Union Plaza.

Livery stables provided a number of services. They often boarded horses for travelers and townspeople without barns and, they often had horses, teams and wagons for hire. The bottling company probably bottled soft drinks.