Museum unveils Richland road signs

The Knox Historical Museum is committed to preserving pieces of Knox County for generations to come. As part of that mission, researcher Doug Bargo unveiled Big and Little Richland Creek road signs this past Thursday.

“In the back of my mind, I had always thought about the residents on Stinking Creek being proud of Stinking Creek. Probably eight or ten years ago, they had [similar] signs put up. I began thinking, we don’t have any signs here on Richland Creek,” explained Bargo, who single handedly took on the project to get signage along 25E.

Bargo made calls to the Kentucky Department of Highways in Manchester asking for signs to mark where Richland Creek crosses 25E in two spots: next to Bailey Switch Fire Department marking Big Richland Creek and near Blue Gable Straight marking Little Richland Creek. After a little bit of research, they agreed with Bargo and installed the signs on August 20. Bargo then gathered key political figures and museum members for an unveiling on August 30.

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