‘My garden is my solitude place to make peace with the world’

Looking back on my childhood my love of nature began when I was just a small child. Flowers were like medicine to my soul. I’m inclined to think that the flowers we love the most are those we knew when we were very young.

At the end of the day when the light turns to dusk of evening, I come to my garden to walk in silent meditation, giving thanks for many blessings. God in His great wisdom knew there would be times when we will become weary and need a place to clear away doubts, quite the emotions that come with daily problems… My garden is my solitude place to make peace with the world.

I sensed the silence of the evening insect song this evening, leaving the feeling of sweet sadness. It is time of the year to think about trimming and cutting back the garden perennials, a sign that summer has peaked.

I’ve heard it said and I completely agree, the best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the memories we made along the way.

My garden is part of my life, I have become my grandmother. She passed on her love of flower gardening to me. I believe gardening was her way of showing she believed in tomorrow. I know it connected her to the earth.

As a child, I stayed in trouble with my mom for slipping off to the pasture to explore nature. When I ventured beyond the pasture to a wooded area it became like “my secret garden,” where no hand of man planted seed in this special place. Only Mother Nature designed this woodland. I loved the stillness all around, just the trees or a faint sound of the creek water flowing softly over the stones.

There was not a bush, wild fern or flower that I did not know… I studied the lush growth of wilderness, Dutch clovers that grew in mass all around… The ox-eyed daisy, wild iris, the purple cotton thistle, and goldenrod grew in abundance. Good for bouquets. I knew mom loved flowers and taking her bouquets of wildflowers was my way of sharing my special garden with her. However, she always knew when I strayed beyond the pasture by the flowers in hand. Mom told me many years after I left home she missed the fresh bouquets of wildflowers almost as much as she missed me.

This special place and time remains in my memories. I seem to recall it often the longer I love… Time has not changed my love for flowers… I love to dig in the earth, it teaches me patients. My garden is my passion. Mother Nature has never let me down. The time I spend in the garden I am entirely at peace with the world, happy at heart, one with the universe.

Millie’s quote for today; “unknown” I did however use to think, you know in the woods walking and as a kid playing in woods, a place of that order, had a sense, a kind of presence, that you could feel, that there was something peace loving, physically present, feeling of place almost conscious…like God…it evoked thanks.

Mildred Higgins