New non-profit to help repair homes

LIVE-IT volunteers help to repair a home.
LIVE-IT volunteers help to repair a home.

By David Stewart

For the Mountain Advocate

Jeremiah Evans, (former youth pastor and founder of Connection Point Church) is the “point” person bringing the idea of LIVE-IT to the Knox County area.

“I have been in this community for seven years and am aware of some heart piercing truths,” said Evans. 38,000 people live here, and 34% are found to be struggling below the poverty line. The median income earners in this area are not very far from that either. That’s almost 13,000 people. Digging a little deeper, I found that 29% or almost 3,800 of these people are over the age of 65. Although, 85% of those 3,800 people own their own home, they simply are unable to afford up-keep and maintenance.

“Now, add this to the fact that 19% of the county is made up of single parent households, (60% of them are female.) They, too, fall under the poverty line.

“Now…why are all these percentages and statistics important,” he asked. “Because, there is a new non-profit organization coming to town known as LIVE-IT. This organization focuses on repairing homes and uplifting the lives of the very people revealed in the heart of those statistics. Not only will we be doing some of the work, but the organization allows the community to become more aware of the needs of widows, elders, handicapped, veterans, etc. These needs would include home repairs and other kinds of work that people may not be able to afford or otherwise take care of.

“In other words, LIVE-IT becomes aware of the need, then communicates with local churches, business and individuals concerning the need. LIVE-IT then organizes, funds and helps to provide manpower to accomplish meeting these needs. LIVE-IT can become a phenomenal community builder!”

Jeremiah Evans, Executive Director of LIVE-IT Knox County, has a huge dream and desire for Knox County: “Imagine living in a county where churches, businesses, and individuals come together to make a difference for those in need by simply ‘loving their neighbors.’” LIVE-IT simply becomes the central hub that unifies the community to take physical action to meet the needs of those in our community.

“We envision communities where everyone loves their neighbors and there are no needs among them,” said Evans.

In order to enhance the financial opportunity to serve this community, LIVE-IT also will be opening a LIVE-IT Thrift Store on Knox Street across the Knox County funeral home. This thrift store will be sustained by the community donating items to be sold in order to gain proceeds to be used for repair projects.

Evans said, “In order for LIVE-IT to thrive and be successful, it will need the community to jump on board. Here are some ways individuals and groups can LIVE-IT with us:”

  1. 1. Look for those in need within your community and send them to us to apply for help. We prioritize needs by widows and orphans, single moms, elderly, handicapped, and veterans. All applicants must be low income. The need can be home repair, yard work, or other things they may need help with. We are not going to be able to pay any of their bills.
  2. 2. Invest by giving or donating to LIVE-IT. Thrift store items: clothes, furniture, appliances, knick-knacks, kitchen cooking utensils, electronics, as well as any home building materials.
  3. 3. Volunteer! Volunteer your time on a project, helping in the thrift store. Also, you can volunteer to be a part of a store launch team to help ready the store for its opening!
  4. 4. Encourage others to come along with you. Share about LIVE-IT to help get the word out. If you are a church, club or business and would like for us to come share how you can get involved and help, please contact us.
  5. 5. Also, become a partner with us by being a monthly donor or by giving a one-time charitable gift. All donations will be accounted for and are fully tax deductible.

 An unnamed supporter mused, “It is so nice to know that by donating to this local non-profit organization that the proceeds will go right back into this local community.”
Readers can contact Jeremiah Evans by calling

(606) 622-1336 or emailing him at

“Any form of support, will be put to great use,” said Evans.