New school year off to great start

Photo by Jake Pope, KCPS Communications Staff.
Photo by Jake Pope, KCPS Communications Staff.

Knox County schools were off to a great start Wednesday. Students at all grade levels came in enthusiastic to start a new year.

“We are already hearing reports of growth in both specific grade level and school enrollments compared to how we ended the year. It is too early to tell what that trend will be like once looking at district-wide numbers,” said Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles.

A non-injury accident involving two passenger vehicles on 25E at the junction of 830 provided for a brief interruption to traffic coming to Lynn Camp Schools, but parent drop offs was flowing smoothly leading up to the start of the school day.

The Central Office Leadership Team met with faculty and staff on Tuesday to share news of new initiatives and updates to leadership roles at Central Office. During two county-wide opening day sessions, one held at Knox Central and one at Lynn Camp, Superintendent Sprinkles reviewed the district’s mission and vision and how the ultimate goal is college and career readiness for all students.

Sprinkles shared with staff that a new reading program in the primary, called Reading Wonders, that will improve early education reading levels to ensure that students are reading on grade level before exiting third grade.

Attendance was also a highlight of the opening session presentation with both Sprinkles and Director of Student Support Services Gina Sears sharing information about support the district will provide to raise attendance by at least 1% in the new school year.