No requests for recanvassing of November election

By Bobbie Poynter

Results of November’s Knox County election will not be changed.

The deadline to file for recanvassing of precincts has now officially expired, and Mike Corey, Knox County Clerk, has confirmed that no one filed to request a canvas.

Although the majority of the election races were not close enough to challenge, the race for District 4 Constable was decided by only one vote with incumbent Jimmy Dye squeaking by challenger Gary Bays with a final vote count of 940 to 939.

In the fourth district magistrate race, candidate Jason Lake won with 48 votes over challenger John “Dugger” Ferguson.

“Every candidate has the opportunity to recanvass regardless of the results,” said Corey.

In Corey’s 16 years as Knox County clerk, there has been only one tie vote. After recanvassing, there was no change, and the election was decided with a coin toss.

This is only Corey’s second time since taking office that there has been one vote deciding a race, and again, after canvassing, there was no change in the outcome.

“Apparently, this shows the community has faith in our department,” said Corey.