October wears a lot of hats


By David Stewart

Everyone knows that in Knox County, Daniel Boone is celebrated almost the entire month of October. Most readers on a national or international level know that October is the month that breast cancer is given much needed extra focus. October is also the month President Ronald Reagan proclaimed to be National Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month in 1988. This action launched the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Movement. The official color of this movement is pink and blue.

Statistics show that one out of every four pregnancies ends in the loss of a baby. Parents have said for centuries that the worse feeling in the world is to lose a child, and that they never got over it.

Amy Jackson, who works in Labor and Delivery at Baptist Health in Corbin, is organizing the 4th annual Candlelight Vigil at 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 17, at Grace on The Hill Methodist Church. The event is free and open to all.

Jackson said, “I want to give people a place to grieve and allow them to get together with others that have the same losses. Sometimes it helps people a little if they can just talk about things.”

A silent auction will be held and Jackson is asking for donations. Individuals and businesses are asked to consider a gift to help support future events.