Off-Highway Vehicle trail could come to Knox

Denise Wainscott, director of Barbourville Tourism, revealed at the November 13 regular meeting that talk concerning an Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) facility in the Kay Jay community has resumed.

Currently, Scot Clouse with Barbourville Tourism reports there are approximately 80 miles of mapped illegal trails in the area that are being used. If an official OHV facility was implemented, Knox County would increase revenue.

“It’s being ridden on regardless,” said Clouse. “[An OHV park] would bring in a whole lot of revenue. What we’re trying to do is multi-county project where we can join Knox and Bell and create a true, great OHV facility.”

As it stands, the 1,200-acre piece of property where the facility will potentially go extends from Brush Creek to Kay Jay. On the Kay Jay side, it joins with approximately 40,000 acres of Bell County property.

“If it happens the way we want it to and becomes a multi-county project, we’re hoping to be the biggest OHV facility east of the Mississippi, possibly all of the United States,” said Clouse.

Clouse reports Tourism continues to attend trail development meetings in the region and will update the community on the project as soon as more information is available.