Officers named in pursuit case; accused enters plea

The Knox County Sheriff’s deputy who shot his service weapon into the cabin of a truck last week after being involved in a pursuit has been identified.

Kentucky State Police issued a statement naming Mikey Ashurst as the deputy who was hit head on at Coal Port Road during a pursuit. Following the collision, Ashurst fired his service weapon into the truck’s cabin but did not strike anyone. Ashurst was also named as one of the deputies injured during the incident, receiving minor hand injuries, while Constable Brandon Bolton suffered a broken hand. According to Sheriff Mike Smith, Ashurst “has completed his administrative leave and returned to work this week.”

Ashurst and Bolton were also involved in the June 2016 fatal shooting of Jesse J. Mills. After responding to a reported child abduction on June 29 in Flat Lick, Ashurst and Bolton found Mills walking in the middle of the road with a two-year-old. Mills was instructed to release the child. At that time, he charged Ashurst and Bolton. Ashurst deployed his Taser before shooting Mills twice, killing him.

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