Officials name October Domestic Abuse Awareness Month

City and County officials gathered Thursday, Oct. 26, to officially sign a proclamation naming October as Domestic Abuse Awareness Month.

According to, a woman is beaten in the United States is beaten every nine seconds and nearly one out of fine murder victims in the U.S. were killed by an intimate partner.

Renia Owens, Knox County Attorney Victims’ Advocate, explained how victims of abuse could seek help in Knox County.

“If you are a victim of Domestic Violence in Knox County and you need assistance, a lot of times that’s after hours, you can call local law enforcement and they can assist you. Call 911 and they will send the police out, or go to the police department,” said Owens. “You can also come to my office in the Knox County Courthouse. I file EPOs electronically, and if I’m not here, Gina Bennett can help.” 

If you are in immediate danger, contact 911. You can contact the Knox County Victims’ Advocate at 606-545-7009. You can also contact the Commonwealth Victims’ Advocate at 606-546-9042.