‘Our van has hauled hundreds of young-uns from many branches’

June and July seem to be a good time for reunions; a good time to reconnect and remember. This past week I was just sitting down for supper after working five hours in the hayfield, when my dog barked. I looked up to find two people standing on my porch. Sure enough their greeting was, “Remember me?” I am sure I had a blank look. “Well I spent a lot of time coming here to Sunday School, Day Camp, 4-H and other events. Your drivers used to come up Johns Branch and bring us in across the bridge.”

Not only am I on that side of 85, but our van has hauled hundreds of young-uns from many branches for many occasions. She started rattling off names of the people she remembered like Laura, Amber. Steve, Karen and more. Of course she wanted to see Peggy. She has spent the last several years in Illinois so she did not know Peggy is no longer at the Center.

She just thought Peggy and Irma would always be part of Lend-A-Hand. Times, faces and places change as the years go by.

Lo and behold if the same thing didn’t happen the next morning just as I was enjoying breakfast, only this time there were four people. One repeated himself several times stating, “Peggy gave me my first spanking. I am one of her babies.”

Then he turned to me, “You should remember me, too; you were my teacher at Alex Creek School. I used to carry drinking water from the pump.” Since he is now almost sixty-years old he certainly was one of the early of Peggy’s five hundred plus babies.

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then to be sure. In fact, we had not even dreamed of the bridge, let alone built it. That bridge was one of a kind as we built it on dry land, then put the creek under it. Do you remember the children and babies of sixty years ago?