Out with a bang! Better pay for county employees?

District 3 Magistrate Jerry “Rabbit” Cox went out with a bang, not a fizzle at his last Fiscal Court meeting on December 20. Cox made a motion to give the Knox County Garage employees a raise of over $2.50.

The Problem

“These guys need a raise. They need to make the same that the rest of the counties are making,” said Cox. “They’re the ones who keep this county going. They’re out there in the cold, in the snow, while everyone else is sitting in the heat.”

County garage workers last saw a raise in 2015 which bumped them to $13.33 per hour. Cox’s proposed raise would put them at $16 per hour.

“I don’t know what we have in the budget or if there’s anything actually in the budget for raises put in,” said Judge-Executive JM Hall, who then confirmed there is not.

The overall court was not opposed to Cox’s proposed raise. Much like Hall, they were concerned about the budget.

The Solution

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