Oven Mitt to start fire damage repairs

The Oven Mitt will remain closed while owners repair damages from a Thursday night fire.

Restaurant owners Anthony and Tonya Liford were told the fire started around 11 p.m. on March 22 in an office located near the back of the restaurant. First responders say an electrical short circuit is likely what caused the fire.

Most of the damages are concentrated in the office, which is a total loss.

“We lost our main computer, all of our records…Our computer had all our stuff on it. A lot of it we had on the cloud so we’ll be able to get that but a lot of it was on desktop,” said Anthony, who noted they also lost some personal items and a small amount of cash.

Along with the office, there was minor damage to a banquet hall located in the back of the restaurant. Fire fighters also had to knock the glass out of a door to gain entrance to the building. Aside from a few ceiling tiles, the main eating area and kitchen were not damaged during the fire.

Banquet Hall

The Lifords have already been in contact with their insurance company, who will be at the business Monday, March 26 to access the damage. Anthony is hopeful repairs can start very quickly, estimating it will take approximately one week to repair and replace everything.

“We’ll get our power back on, clean everything really well. I can rebuild that office in a couple days, it isn’t a big deal. We don’t have to have the office…to operate,” continued Anthony.

This setback aside, the Lifords are still counting their blessings.

“We’re lucky. It could’ve been so much worse. We’re just glad no one was here or hurt,” concluded Anthony.