Panther Madness

KCHS boy's basketball at Panther Madness webKnox Central High School hosted their first annual Panther Madness Monday night to recognize the KCHS Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball Teams, the cheerleaders, the dance team, and the eighth grade boy’s basketball team.

First, the Knox Central High School Cheerleaders were each announced and recognized. They then performed an impressive routine and stunts to original music. Two Forcht Bank officials then stepped out onto the court and gave away the first of many cash prizes. They asked one of the members of the girl’s basketball team to come down and try to make a layup and two free throws for money. She made the layup and one of the free throws, so the bank officials opened the envelope to see how much money was to be awarded. They pulled forty dollars out of the envelope and gave it to her for successfully making two out of three shots.

The Knox Central High School Dance Team lined up and waved to the crowd as their names were called out. They KCHS Dance Team at Panther Madness webtook their places out on the floor and performed an amazing dance routine for all the Panther fans. Up next was the eighth grade boy’s basketball team. The boys were announced one by one and they walked out to center court to be recognized. It was then time for the Forcht Bank officials to draw another name and the name they pulled out was Jermel Carton, a member of the boy’s basketball team. They gave him a ball and had him shoot a three point shot, a free throw, and a half court shot. He made the first two, but missed the half court shot.

Girl's Basketbal player in hot shot contest webThe Knox Central High School Cheerleaders divided themselves in half and formed two lines outside the left side door for the girl’s basketball team to run through as they were announced one by one. The other half of the cheerleaders formed two lines by the door on the right side for the boy’s basketball team to run through as they were announced one at a time. The lights were turned off to black out the gymnasium and colorful strobe lights flashed across the floor. As the girls ran through the cheerleaders to meet their teammates at center court, they threw t-shirts to the crowd. The boy’s team then walked out through the rows of cheerleaders, each to their own walk-out song.

The Forcht Bank officials drew another name and it was a boy’s basketball player, Jeremy Stewart. They were going to give him twenty dollars if he could make a half court shot, but he missed. Jermel Carton took a couple more shots from half court but the ball dropped short. Instead, they had the two of them each shoot a layup to win the cash prize.

The boy’s and girl’s basketball teams competed in a three point shot contest. Each team had one player step up at a time and take as many three point shots as they could in fifteen seconds. The girls beat the boys in the shot contest KCMS Boy's Basketball 8th grade webin a four to three win. The two teams then competed in a hot shot contest. Five cones were set up around the frontcourt and the players had to run to each cone and take a shot. The idea was to make as many shots as they could within thirty seconds. The boy’s team won the contest in a three to one win over the girls. The girls then sat down on the baseline and watched the boys compete against each other in a dunk contest. As each competitor attempted to dunk, there were three designated audience members who ranked their dunk on a scale of one to ten. The competitors were: Wade Liford, Blaine Wyatt, Troy Bierman, and Tanner Wells. There was a tie between Liford and Bierman. They each got two more chances to dunk for a tiebreaker and Liford came out the winner.

The final event of the evening was a scrimmage. The boy’s basketball team split up into two teams, blue and gold, and played against each other for one ten-minute period. It was a close game the entire period, but the gold team won 23 to 22.

The Knox Central High School Boy’s Basketball Team will play their first regular season game on Tuesday at Harlan County at 7:30. The Knox Central High School Girl’s Basketball Team will play Harlan County on Monday at home at 7:30.