Panthers shut down Bell 13-3

by Michaela Miller

The Knox Central Softball team took their fourth win of the season against Bell County with a 13-3 victory on Monday night.

The Panthers and the Bobcats battled in the first three innings, but at the end of the third the Panthers made a come-back.

Freshman pitcher, Hallie Gambrel worked the mound all of 6 innings. Gambrel helped get several outs on Bell, as well as Cassie Hale who worked on first.

Kristen Smith scored the first run for the Panthers in the first, followed by Cassie Hale. With the score 2-2, the second inning began and the Panthers started to step up to the plate.

There were no runs from either team in the second, but the third is where the action hit. Bell scored at the beginning of the third, but that would be their last as the Panthers took over.

With the scoreboard reading 2-3, the Panthers were up to bat and Kristen Smith got a hit that allowed her to run to second. Next up, was Sarah Swafford who allowed Smith to score a run that tied the game.

Swafford also scored a run for KC in the third as well as Savannah Abner and freshman Meredith Russell.

As the Panthers scored, the players and fans cheered them on while they gave it their all the next three innings.

Another back-to-back scoring streak occurred in the fifth for the Panthers. With only one out left, Kristen Smith scored a run making the score 8-3.

The Panthers ended the fifth with 11-3 over Bell, and took the win in the sixth with 13-3.

After defeating Harlan County at KC’s last game, hopefully the Panthers can keep the winning streak going the rest of the season.