Parents indicted on abuse charges

Two parents accused of locking their four-year-old in a room were indicted this past Friday.

Natasha McBee

Nickalas Jorgenson

On August 24, a Knox County Grand Jury returned indictments for Nickalas Jorgenson and Natasha McBee, both age 24 and of Cannon. They are charged with first-degree unlawful imprisonment, first-degree wanton endangerment and first-degree criminal abuse. Jorgenson is also facing a second-degree persistent felony offender charge.

According to their indictments, the two “wantonly, and with manifest indifference to the value of human life, engag[ed] in conduct which created a danger of death or serious physical injury.” It further alleges they subjected the child to “cruel torture, cruel confinement or cruel punishment.”

Both were arrested on August 17 after the Knox County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the Cannon residence. According to the sheriff’s office, the child told police he was locked in the room so long, he would use the bathroom on the floor and would cry and scream to be let out. Police also report he attempted to dig holes in the floor to escape. Police discovered feces on the walls and floors of the room, a boarded window and that the door locked from the outside.

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