‘The wonderful and exciting times when Jesus rode into the city’

Some call it Holy Week; a commemoration of the last week in Jesus’ life.  It was a mixture of such tender and loving words and actions mixed with many types of misunderstandings and horrible action. There were the wonderful and exciting times when Jesus rode into the city. How many around him heard him weep over the people there?

Then there was the unexpected cleansing of the temple; an angry person cleaning the highest temple of God. There must have been fear and misunderstandings. Would there be rioting and an overthrowing of the Jewish government and/or the Roman government? Once the unrest broke into a war pitting the common people against the Jewish government and the Jewish government against the ruling Roman power, how would it end? Could Jesus and his group handle the unrest and warfare that could break out? How many lives would be lost and altered forever?   

Could we imagine the fear and distrust of that day; everyone fearing each other?  In many ways, it reminds me of today. The fear and distrust of today and how happenings in our world today affects us even on Stinking Creek. There are misunderstandings on all levels around us, locally as well as in our national government and even the world. Do we have the means to secure a peace on our local level, a good education for the coming generation, giving people the best health practices and the feeling of living in peace?

Is life om Stinking Creek or Knox County in 2018 so much different than that of the Easter story? Gone are the days when we could live an isolated life on Stinking Creek. We are now a part of not only our nation and its problems and its policies but the complications of the world trying to learn to live together, hopefully in peace and harmony. What will we have to sacrifice to live in God’s universe now that is different than that Holy Week in Jerusalem?