Pickard receives final audit

This is what we strive for on a daily basis

Sheriff John Pickard

By Bobbie Poynter

Results of the annual sheriff’s department audit was release Nov. 14 and Kentucky State Auditor Adam Edelen found “no instances of noncompliance or other matters” in the Knox County Sheriff’s Year Ending 2013 audit.

State Auditor Adam Edelen reported that recent changes in auditing standards require the state auditor to determine if the financial statement “presents fairly the revenues, expenditures and excess fees of the Knox County Sheriff in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States.”

The report found that the Knox sheriff’s financial statement did not follow this format; however, “the Sheriff’s financial statement is fairly presented in conformity with the regulatory basis of accounting, which is an acceptable reporting methodology.”

The auditor reported the sheriff’s department’s excess fees increased by $25,895 from the prior year, resulting in excess fees of $229,347 as of Dec. 31, 2013. Revenues increased by $43,231 from the prior year and expenditures increased by $17,336.

The report noted no instances of noncompliance. State Auditor Edelen also noted no weaknesses involving internal control over financial reporting.

“The staff and I work very hard to make sure everything is accounted for,” said Sheriff John Pickard. We are very pleased with the comments from the auditor’s office. This is what we strive for on a daily basis.”