Pills found, subject arrested in weekend drug bust

A Corbin man was arrested Saturday on drug charges after a deputy noticed him acting strangely.

Knox Deputy Brian Hensley was on patrol in the Moore Hill area around 2 a.m. Saturday when he noticed a male subject acting strange and bent over a car door on the passenger side.

When Hensley stopped, the subject began to walk away quickly in the opposite direction. After Hensley yelled at the subject several times, he turned around and threw something to the ground.  

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Hensley then approached the subject, identified as 31-year-old Christopher Wells of Corbin, who appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicating substance.

When Hensley frisked Wells, he founed three hydrocodone pills, two suboxone strips and six gabapentin in an unmarked pill bottle in his front pocket, He also located six alprazolams in a plastic baggie in Wells’ right front pocket.

Assisted by Corbin officer Mitchell, Hensley was able to locate two small bags of methamphetamine where Wells had thrown them down.

Wells was taken to the Knox Detention Center. Upon arrival, Hensley performed a search of his back seat and found four additional hydrocodone pills in a candy wrapper and three packs of suboxone underneath his back seat.

Wells was charged with public intoxication, possession of controlled substance, illegal possession of a legend drug, possession of meth, prescription drugs not in proper container, and tampering with physical evidence.

He is now being held in lieu of a $10,000 cash bond.