Plane crash scare in Girdler

Witnesses traveling along Hwy 1304 Friday afternoon in Girdler spotted a low-flying red and white private plane suddenly take a sharp turn over the mountain peak near Girdler school. Suspecting the plane had crashed, Marianna and Terry Smith, of Manchester, called 911.

“We never saw any smoke or anything,” said Terry Smith. “But we were afraid of what might have happened.”

“It happened in a matter of seconds,” said Marianna Smith. I wasn’t sure what I saw, but we’d rather call and it be nothing than not call and know one know about it.”

Emergency Management, Knox County EMS, Kentucky State Police, Kentucky Law Enforcement and the Kentucky Division of Forestry all met at the Richland Fire Department in Girdler as they waited for confirmation of a possible crash.

Around 4:30 p.m. word came in the plane was spotted, still flying low, somewhere over Clay County and the emergency was called off.