Police start new campaign to prevent deadly car crashes

Special to The Mountain Advocate

By Angela Sparkman

WYMT November 11, 2015

Kentucky State Police say for the first time in more than sixty years, Kentucky is on pace to finish the year with fewer than 600 crash fatalities.

Troopers statewide have started a new safety campaign, called #FinishStrongKY, to prevent deadly crashes. They are adding extra patrols in areas that have a high crash rate and have had deadly crashes.

One target spot is in Knox County at US-25E and Highway 233. Police say the intersection has a high amount of crashes.

Daniel Huff lives near the intersection.

“I’ve seen plenty of wrecks that happened in this intersection,” Huff said.

In an effort to prevent crashes, troopers are patrolling more here and writing citations.

“Our goal is to make sure everyone makes it safe to their destination,” said Trooper Shane Jacobs. “One death is one too many.”

Police say as of November 9th, 548 people have died in crashes in Kentucky this year. While they say one is too many, the number is much lower than years past. Troopers say the last time Kentucky had fewer than 600 traffic deaths was 1949! Their goal is to not have anymore fatalities this year.

“We’d rather hand out citations than go to a residence and give a death notification to a family,” said Trooper Jacobs.

Daniel Huff appreciates the extra patrols.

“I want to be able to get home to my kids and not worry,” Huff said.

Police believe this #FinishStrongKY campaign will save lives.

Troopers say in addition to checking for speeding, seat belts, and driving under the influence, they are also watching for texting and other distracted driving that causes crashes.

Police say as part of the campaign, they will also conduct safety checkpoints all throughout Kentucky for the rest of the year.