Pot, Pensions and prediction

Many teachers, and city, state and county employees in Knox County and across the state are very anxious about the lack of funding for their pensions.

 No one disputes that the Kentucky pension system is among the worst funded in the nation. The funding shortfall is, by the most optimistic estimate, over an astounding 40 Billion dollars. Legislators in Frankfort plan on addressing the issue in the 2019 session.

 Recently, officials in Illinois announced they hope to fund that state’s pension problems with bets on cannabis and legal marijuana. And when a University of Illinois study recently predicted making cannabis legal there could create 24,000 jobs, and $500 million in tax revenue, and pump more than one Billion dollars into the Illinois economy by 2020, lots of folks here in Kentucky noticed too.

So their question; “Is it time for Kentucky to join Colorado and several other states, plus the entire nation of Canada, and legalize recreational use of marijuana?”