Prank strikes Barbourville motorists

What is thought to be nothing more than a string of pranks has left several citizens concerned for the safety of their property in Barbourville.

Over the span of the last week, at least one dozen motorists have found anonymous notes on their parked vehicles that reads, “Sorry for the damage to your car!”

These notes have been found on cars all over town including the Square and in various parking lots. Upon further inspection, no damages can be found on any of the vehicles, though.

“It’s just somebody bored occupying their time,” said Mayor David Thompson. “The Barbourville Police Department has received several complaints but we don’t see any reason for any concern.”

If you find this or a similar note on your car, Mayor Thompson advices the public to “just throw the note away. It’s not asking for any information or leaving a phone number to call. Its just making people worry for a minute while they walk around their car looking for damages.”