Prison Camp pairs inmates with Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter


The Bell County Forestry Camp has partnered with the Knox-Whitley Humane Association from Corbin, Ky. to create a second chance paws program. The program pairs a shelter dog with two inmate handlers to learn basic socialization and obedience skills.

The eight week program provides the opportunity for selected dogs to learn basic obedience skills, how to enjoy living with many different people, proper leash walking and socialization. All of these are highly desirable traits to potential adopters.

“This is a win-win opportunity,” says Warden Keith Helton. “Not only are the dogs acquiring valuable skills, but the inmates learn dog training skills they can use when they are released.” Similar programs at other institutions have also shown strong emotional and behavioral benefits to the inmates. Participants learn patience, how to deal with anger and to give unconditional love.