Promise Neighborhood in full swing at City School

Exciting things have happened and continue to be in store for Barbourville Independent thanks to the Knox Promise Neighborhood (PN) grant.

The focus of Knox PN is to increase reading and math progress in the district and provide students with support from cradle to career. Manager Diana Mills reports that, since taking over in June, the district’s program is now fully staffed and all identified academic and nonacademic programs are in place.

Currently, PN offers ten programs at BIS, including Envision Math, a math program for kindergarten through sixth grades, MyOn, a kindergarten through 12th grade literacy and art learning platform, and Health Corps, which focuses on overall wellness among students, staff and their families.

“All programs provided by Knox Promise Neighborhood are results based and will provide our teachers with skills and knowledge to continue them long after the grant funds are no longer available,” said Mills. “This is an intentional design of the program to create sustainability.”

In the fall semester alone, PN helped BIS staff work directly with students in support of reading and math, provided technology, added more arts inclusion to the district and provided activities for families to participate in learning opportunities, among many other things.

“We are so glad to be partnering with Berea College and participating in Promise Neighborhood,” said Superintendent L. Kay Dixon earlier this school year at an assembly to welcome Knox PN to BIS. “With our partnership, who knows? The sky is the limit for this group and we’re really excited about what’s to come for us in our district.”

In total, the grant money will cover programs at BIS for five years.

Information for this article provided by Diana Mills, BIS’ Knox PN manager.