Rape case goes to Grand Jury

A Barbourville man accused of raping a juvenile female waived his case to the Grand Jury at a district court hearing on Tuesday.

Kenneth George York, 19, is facing the following charges:

First-degree rape.

Use of a minor (under 18) in a sexual performance.

First-degree unlawful transaction with a minor (illegal sex act, under 18 years of age).

Prohibited use of electronic communication system to procure minor/peace off. Re: sex offenses.

Trafficking in legend drugs (first offense).

Trafficking in marijuana (less than 8 oz., first offense).

Third-degree trafficking in controlled substance (>120 D.U. drug unspecified, first offense).

Possess/view matter portraying sexual performance by minor.

At his November 6 hearing, York opted to send his case to the Knox County Grand Jury. If the Grand Jury finds probable cause, it will return an indictment against York and his case will move to the Knox County Circuit Court.

Also at Tuesday’s hearing, Public Defender Haley Fields asked for a bond review, which was denied.

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